Emma Stone

Chad Buchanan/GC Images

Aww Emma Stone is such a sweet granddaughter!

Looks like granny got a hold of her simple blue dress, sewed some bling on it to make it extra fancy for her favorite little girl, and hung it back up in the celeb's closet. Now Andrew Garfield's GF is the spitting image of grandma in the '50s, aka the world's gawdiest Audrey Hepburn!

True or not, that wild theory is the only way that this Erdem dress makes sense!

The robin's egg shade on this antique outfit is lovely against The Croods voicer's pale complexion, but the black collar throws it all off. And we could get behind the bedazzled black pieces throughout, if there weren't quite so many! Plus, what exactly is that cape situation on the back? Is this some sort of superhero themed attire in honor of The Amazing Spider-Man 2? We certainly hope not.

We hate to insult Emma (or her grandma), but this look is better off in the dress-up pile, or better yet, the vintage clothing store.

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