LeAnn Rimes


Remember when your mom dressed you up in that sweet, little ruffled top and '80s style shorts for your day trip to the shore? Looks like LeAnn Rimes remembers too...

We're not sure if this getup was the "What Have I Done" singer's idea or if her momma came to town and insisted on a "Throwback Thursday" look, but either way, it's not quite fit for a woman over the age of 5.

Not only are these bottoms too tiny for adult attire, they're a little too Jessica Simpson-esq for Mrs. Eddie Cibrian to pull off. Yes, both blonde beauties have the body to rock itsy-bitsy fashions, but daisy dukes are to Jessica as what no-pants are to Lena Dunham.

We get that it's full-on summer in L.A., but we recommend LeAnn throw on a loose button-down or bright-colored cardigan. That, or head from wherever she is straight to Venice Beach.

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