Shailene Woodley

Jochen Zick/

Now this is a dress for a blockbuster star. We've been waiting since the start of the Divergent premiere tour for Shailene Woodley to totally knock us off our feet, and this Zuhair Murad stunner is, as they said in the '90s, all that and a bag of chips!

But the Fault in Our Stars actress' red carpet reward comes with some major risk. A plunging neckline in stark white without a bra (as far as we can tell) is about as dangerous as it gets in the ta-ta department!

From our view, the starlet is safe and sound, but one wrong twist of the waist or a particularly shiny light, and she could be Divergent for a whole other reason...

And yet if we could pull this off, we absolutely would. The cut is classic enough to make up for the sexy front, and Shailene's hair and makeup are a killer compliment to the Hollywood glam. So with that, we're prepared to call this her best look ever. Share your thoughts in comments!

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