Emma Stone

Jun Sato/WireImage

Is it a good or bad sign that we're dying to buy the bib on Emma Stone's dress for our baby niece?

Our apologies to the house of Valentino and girlfriend of Andrew Garfield, but this LBD is better for a toddler than a red hot starlet! Sure, the black is a little severe for anyone under the age of 3, but that floral patch pasted to the front is food-catcher fashion at its worst!

We want to love something about this look on account of our love for this fiery red head, but the truth is, outside of the pretty piece on top, it's not much more than a basic black dress. The high neckline gives it a '70s feel, which is fun, and we've never met a red-soled shoe we didn't love, so that's something...

But bottom line: the girl is wearing a multi-colored bib. That's about as, "make it stop!" as it gets in our book. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Emma's bib dress?
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