Emma Watson

Dave M. Benett/WireImage

We're not going to lie; we've been worried about Emma Watson. The British beauty showed up on the red carpet for her Noah premiere tour in more than a few somber looks. There was the all-black tux, that we termed the funeral ball gown, and a pair of slouchy pants, with an even slouchier top!

But we are pleased to say that our fashion icon is back and better than ever in this perfect Ralph Lauren column, and according to the sly look on the starlet's face, she knows it. 

The stark white makes the Potter alum shine like a snow queen in spring, but it's the halter cut on this simple design that really makes it sing. Emma shows off her buff shoulders, but highlights her equally delicate neck. Plus, that bit of ruching around the hips gives her even more of a gorgeous shape.

And yet, would we be so enamored if not for that classic Hermoine smirk? No way. It's like she has yet another secret spell up her sleeve that she just can't wait to show off to Harry and Ron.

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