Shailene Woodley

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

And to think they said that the "lingerie look" went out in the '90s! Shailene Woodley proves them wrong in this impeccable creation from Stella McCartney. It's so gorgeous that we're willing to admit that "them" is us...

Sure, the slip dress had it's moment a decade or two ago, but the Divergent star's version of that boudoir couture is far more elegant and structured than the spaghetti strap minis that Kate Moss was known for. Plus, who could handle a two foot skirt train in the bedroom?

At first glance, the most eye-popping element of this look is that bold, blue color. It's a combination of sky, robin's egg and periwinkle, and you don't see it often on the red carpet. But after a closer look, it might be what this cut does for the Fault in Our Stars actress' shape that's most impressive. She looks like she's draped in liquid and yet you can still see the strong, fit form of her body.

We've been hard on Shailene for some less than glamorous styles, but this choice buys the starlet a major edge up in our book.

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