Anne Hathaway


We're starting to wonder if Anne Hathaway picked up someone elses luggage on her way to London. The Les Misérables star appears to be wearing what two midwesterners might pack for their first get away to Europe: a "fancy" floral shirt for the husband and L'eggs pantyhose for the wife!

Or was this actually a family trip? That black, flouncy skirt could definitely be for their tween-aged daughter.

Whatever the excuse, this combo from Whit is not your typical A-list actress attire! It may be too cold in the UK for bare legs, but black opaque tights are officially the 2.0 version of these granny gam covers. And that skirt has a fun, youthful flare, but it's an off pairing with the leaf-print button down. 

Maybe the Academy Award winner really did grab the wrong checked bag. In which case, we commend her for making a mountain out of a molehill, but this isn't some kind of Baggage Wars challenge. Next time she should just send an assistant out for a new outfit.

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