Lady Gaga


You know when you go to a restaurant and the chef asks you which animal you'd like your leftovers wrapped as? We usually pick swan, but next time we're going to ask for a Lady Gaga!

We doubt the "DOPE" singer is hiding last night's crab cakes in that tin foil dress, but it certainly looks like the work of a clever waiter versus a professional clothing designer.

It's hard to give an opinion on this reflective wear because we can't quite tell where the "dress" begins and ends. Is that one giant trench coat made out of heavy-duty Reynolds wrap, or is it a jumpsuit with a cowl neck? Are the boots also silver-covered or is that just the long hem of the dress? And when the "Applause" singer walks, is there a crunch, crunch sound or more of a swish, swish?

So many few many. times. We'll give the ARTPOP helmer credit for keeping us on our toes, but that's about the only compliment we can dole out for this ridiculous stunt of a dress.

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