Lady Gaga


Another day...another terrifying accessory on Lady Gaga...

Though, this time the "DOPE" singer appears to be dressing with purpose. Given the full-coverage coat, could Mother Monster's new favorite face cover be some kind of protection from a surprise killer bee infestation in Manhattan? Or does she know something about crazy chemicals in the air that we should know about??

We suspect the answer is C. none of the above. The ARTPOP artist didn't need an excuse to wear a dress made of meat, so chances are there's no real reason behind the shield made of plastic.

This time the rest of the ensemble is shockingly simple. We'd actually go so far as to say we like the winter white coat and could see ourselves wearing those sensible leather booties. So then why does the "Applause" singer have to go and ruin it with a terrifying mask? We're starting to think that if that question could be answered, Gaga wouldn't be wearing a terrifying mask.

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