Beyonce, Jersey Dress

We usually approach the "Gotta Have It/Make It Stop" question from a, "should this celeb wear it?" standpoint, but today we're actually curious about whether you could ever see yourself wearing Beyoncé's fancy football mini dress.

Obviously the "XO" singer can do no fashion wrong in our book, especially where her concert couture is concerned. But what about Bey the trendsetter? Did she nail sport-meets-club-wear with this Tom Ford top or is it way too Vegas-meets-Green-Bay?

First let's talk color. The fact that the "Drunk in Love" singer is wearing glam gold versus actual NFL team colors is a definite plus. This is essentially a long-sleeved gold mini with a giant "team name" on top. And what about that team affiliation? Could you see yourself supporting the great Tom Ford as if he's the great Tom Brady? And, if so, where? A NYC nightclub? A Super Bowl after party? A Tom Ford fashion show?

We're not sure we're brave enough to rock this anywhere but the world's most fabulous sleepover party, but we can imagine the style on a daring Vegas-bound biddie or two, which makes it a, "gotta have it" look in our book. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Beyonce's sequined athletic tee?
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