Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has hid from a paparazzi or her day.

The We're the Millers star knows that it's all about location (side doors and well-positioned car), speed (blurry shots don't sell!) and the expert disguise (see photo above). Unfortunately this time Justin Theroux's main squeeze didn't make it past the snaps, but we commend her on the almost perfect costume. So where did she slip up?

The black pants and booties seem like a smart choice, but a simple shoe might be better. Chic footwear reads "celeb" to a knowing pap's eye. Next is the genius addition of a giant saddle bag. This hides the middle and blocks a bit of the body shot. A baggy scarf and jacket, all in that same dark palette, keep things plain enough to make Jen a regular New Yorker. 

And finally, that flat, felt cowboy hat. One might think this is the smartest part of the look, but we beg to differ. Only a celeb would wear that fabulous of an accessory. The LA native would be better off with a sloppy ski hat or a Yankees baseball cap.

Sorry Jen. Better luck next time!

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