Kate Beckinsale


Sometimes a celebrity triggers the memory of a trend that's been relegated to the "out" pile. Case in point: Kate Beckinsale in these tight-ankle pants. Remember when those were in?!

Yes, harem bottoms recently had a resurgence in sweatpants form, but the Eliza Graves actress is wearing them I Dream of Jeannie-tries-out-pumps-for-the-first-time style. Although her baggy tank makes her look a bit like Jennifer Lopez circa her "Bennifer" days...

We're going to say that we'd be bigger fans of the fashion choice if it weren't for the footwear pairing. The combo feels too party on top and formal on the bottom - like some kind of sideways mullet. Plus, we're not exactly loving the way the pleated top bunches.

What's your take on the recycled trend? Yay or nay?

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Do you support Kate's genie pants out of the bottle?
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