Jared Leto, Scarves

At first we thought Jared Leto's neck was just frequently chilly. There were a few Dallas Buyers Club press dates on the East Coast during the Polar Vortex, and the Los Angeles desert climate can kick in at night. But when photo after photo of the Academy Award-winner started showcasing the exact same accessory, we realized something much bigger was at play.

Jared Leto is obsessed with scarvescompletely and totally obsessed! We'd call it an addiction, but we can't speak an ill word of the perfectly coiffed angel that brought us Jordan Catalano. 

And so we celebrate the 30 Seconds to Mars singer's love of the long and colorful neck coverfrom the royal purple pashmina he's been wearing essentially every day since the Oscars, to the leopard-print silk situation that appears to have started it all.

Maybe this bold style decision will give more men the confidence to rock a baby blue bohemian wrap. And if they're exactly as perfect looking as Jared Leto, they'll pull it off too!

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