Keira Knightley

Dominique Charriau/WireImage

What in the world is Keira Knightley doing working as a magician's assistant?! She has a thriving movie career and a successful husband! If the Anna Karenina star is that obsessed with serving as second fiddle to The Great Fill-in-the-Blank, the least she could do is pick a good one. This low-rent Houdini sawed her in half and forgot to put her back together!

That is literally the only way that we can explain this awkward Chanel dress. There's a chic cap-sleeved top, a sophisticated bottom, and a totally missing middle! A) why does the house that Coco built think this is acceptable attire for a non-alien? and B) why is the gorgeous Can a Song Save Your Life? star wearing it? We're sad to say that this will only spark rumors about her weight, when she looks perfectly fit in clothes that don't have a giant black hole at the center.

Sometimes the French can be too avant-garde for their own good. Or in this case, Keira Knightley's own good.

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