Eva Longoria

Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Lourdes Foundation

All typical kidding aside, we did not know this was Eva Longoria at first glance. Where's the signature sexy cocktail dress? The bold, jewel tone colors? The luscious, wavy hair? This looks like a picture of a school-age brunette whose mom cut her bangs! And that white dress is way more fit for a church ceremony than a red carpet event.

Is the Crazy Kind of Love star finally shedding her Gabrielle Solis style?

Could this be a chicken-or-egg couture moment? Which came first: the blunt bangs or the boring fashion? Or is the formerly fiery latina just dressing to impress the Dalai Lama? That would explain the covered up Philosophy design.

But if his modern tweets are any indication, His Holiness has seen an episode or two of Desperate Housewives, so he'll be on to Eva's game. That is, if he even recognizes her at all...

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