Stacy Keibler

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Stacy Keibler is going to kill it at her her big business meeting! Wonder if she'll celebrate by taking a pink Corvette ride with Ken up to the Malibu mansion? If we recall correctly it has a sweet hot tub and even sweeter closet, stocked with dozens of pink bikinis.

There's no way around it: the Dancing With the Stars competitor is the spitting image of "corporate Barbie" (which we assume is a thing in the age of Lean In?). Not only is the hot shade on this Joseph look quintessential Mattel maven, but we can't think of another A-lister with perfect plastic legs!

But is this little girl toy look acceptable for a grown woman in a red carpet? We're not so sure. On the one hand, a bold color draws attention to any beauty. On the other hand, the former WWE star kind of looks like a joke. That plunging neckline and cleavage peep help make this sexier than it is silly, but in the end, it's as if the bad girl in our kindergarten class dressed Barbie for the night.

We say, "make it stop," for that very reason. What's your take?

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Do you support Stacy's Barbie girl get-up?
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