Kim Kardashian

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How many teddy bear skins did it take to make Kim Kardashian's coat? We've got to assume the Kardashian household has a giant basement bin of once-loved Teddy Ruxpins and Paddingtons. Maybe Kris Jenner decided to forgo the yard sale and reuse the childhood toys in the name of couture?

We can't decide if it's a sweet sentiment or the world's most terrifying Toy Story sequal... 

Obviously the Keeping Up With the Kardashian's winter warmer isn't made of Build-a-Bear materials, but the tan does have a super huggable feel, plus the color reminds us of the title character from Ted. That said, North West's mamma looks incredible cozy during her East Coast quickie at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the tan on cream combo is gorgeous against her skin.

Let's just hope this situation doesn't prompt some kind of PETA spin-off. PETSA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals feels like a stretch. For that reason alone, we have to say, "make it stop."

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