Heidi Klum

GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Chances are your mom doesn't look exactly like Heidi Klum, but if your mom was to get all dressed up in her sexy '70s gear for a Journey reunion concert, this is exactly what she'd wear!

So why did the America's Got Talent judge chose the look for a recent walk through LAX? She's either literally headed to scream "Don't Stop Believin'" with some soccer mom friends or she's testing out her famous Halloween costumes early this year.

For us it's that bedazzled t-shirt that really seals the deal on this look. It's just the kind of item Mom would find at Marshall's, just in time for her night out with the "Open Arms" crooners. The long fur coat could be a Christmas gift from Dad (or stolen from grandma's black tie wedding wear closet), and those leather pants are definitely grabbed from the old college clothes bin.

But while Heidi may look like she's trying way too hard to be cool, we'd fully support any actual mom who could pull off this classic biker chic style, Journey concert or not.

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