Cate Blanchett

There's one in every family. That incredibly cool, city-dwelling aunt who takes you to experimental theater, crazy restaurants and all her secret high end fashion spots. She's the one you call before Mom and Dad when something goes wrong. Well apparently in Cate Blanchett's family, it's her! Can't you just see the Academy Award nominee introducing her grammar school niece to sushi in this getup?...or was that just what our awesome aunt did?

For us it's the combo of a shoulder-wrapped sweater with cool but cozy peg-legged pants that seals the comparison. It's like the Blue Jasmine star is around the same age as some suburban soccer Moms (hence the preppy accessory) but she chose a life of urban dwelling instead (modern pants, chic flats). And the pop of color on the coat confirms her quirky side. It's just the kind of outwear one wears to an afternoon of art gallery visits.

So if you're interested in niece or nephew adoptees, Cate, let us know. We have a feeling you give way better holiday gifts than some of our actual elder family members...

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