Lady Gaga


At this point, we welcome Lady Gaga's insane attire. She's a grown woman with wild tastes and a body that makes it easy to wear them all, no matter how skimpy. So yes, this latest creation makes the "Dope" singer look like she's dressed to dance on a bar, but more power to her!

That said, we in no way support this style decision. There's snow on the ground in New York City! The Mother Monster looks silly pretending she's immune to the freezing cold!

Unless that completely sheer body suit is actually a pair of long johns, with the "Applause" singer's body painted on, we're going to assume she's not warm. The choice of an ankle length white wig is no stand-in for an actual coat, and that top hat doesn't exactly count. So to recap, Lady Gaga is wearing a bathing suit outside without a coat in 20 degree weather.

We can only assume she's trying to prove that she's above the weather now, and that's one of those all-mighty celebrity decisions we cannot support.

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