Jared Leto, Bruno Mars, BSML

Getty Images/Invision/AP

So, gold sparkly jackets on straight men are officially a thing. If only Liberace had lived to see it...

We weren't shocked to see Bruno Mars step out in this shiner for his Super Bowl moment. The "Treasure" singer has been known to rock some wild wear, and the halftime show is the world's biggest stage; when better to add some flare? But now that Jared Leto, former grunge icon and current hard rocker is jumping on the band wagon, it's officially a trend. Though considering the Academy Award nominee has had long, ombre-dyed locks for ages, we're surprised he didn't wear this Saint Laurent style first.

Now here is where things get slightly unfair. Yes, the "Show Me" crooner is wearing a better combo with the blazer. Black-on-black against the shiny gold makes Jared look a lot like a lounge singer. But the way that cynched cut fits his perfect frame is too perfect to ever vote against. Does our position have something to do with his piercing blue eyes and generally perfect face? Yes. Are we in any way ashamed of that fact? Nope.

So we say Leto looks best, as a full package, always. Agree or disagree?

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