Uma Thurman

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

What part of Uma Thurman thought any part of this look was flattering?

Did the Movie 43 star forget to try the combo on before stepping onto the carpet? Was she having a bloated day and dressed to match? Or is this some kind of uber cool German style in honor of her Eastern European appearance that we're not hip enough to understand?

We're not saying any of the above is a valid reason for wearing this mess, we're just wondering.

We love a voluminous skirt, but this black version could be hiding a dozen Hollywood assistants underneath! The waist-line also isn't cynched enough to flatten Uma's figure. A light white top could be a gorgeous contrast against the dark bottom, but this one looks like some kind of peasant top from the 16th century! And then there's that Miley Cyrus hair... The mini buns make the "Wrecking Ball" singer look like a weird alien, but she's 21 and crazy. This silver screen veteran has absolutely no excuse. 

Sorry Uma. You're typically among our fashion icons, but today marks one giant fall off that wagon.

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