Kate Moss


Remember the last time Kate Moss looked completely and totally ridiculous?

Yah, us either, which is why this giant pile of fur she's calling a jacket is such big fashion news.

It's ridiculous and we don't mean in that only-a-supermodel-can-pull-it-off kind of way.

The brown and black furry Prada piece could literally serve as a stand-in for Chewie's costume in the rumored Star Wars remake. Zip up the front, add some legs, slap a mask on and you're good to go.

We might be singing a different tune if the model turned stylist wasn't wearing the equivalent of a mechanics suit underneath this massive outerwear.

Maybe the whole thing is a theme? A modern Han Solo shirt with the Wookiee-wear on top? She could fight some serious Storm Troopers in those rugged black booties. All she needs is Princess Leia cinnamon bun braids and some R2-D2 metallic accessories to complete the look.

Since we suspect this Brit isn't a fan girl at heart, we just suggest she wears one of her hundred other overcoats next time around. 

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