Sofia Vergara, Ellen Degeneres

Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Rumor has it that Sofia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneres are spoofing a CoverGirl commercial in these throwback jumpsuits, but that doesn't explain much. Did women wear this Dynasty-inspired look in an actual ad? Is this what the Modern Family star wore in the decade of excess? Or is that actually some kind of futuristic Star Trek-goes-glam situation? We have no idea, we just can't get the visions of fancy moms from the '80s, getting dressed up for a PTA gala out of our heads.

Considering these looks are mirror images, there's no much to debate. We could say the Ellen DeGeneres Show host has more of a vintage feel to her cropped hair, but Sofia is rocking way more '80s lipstick.

So instead, let's make this a question of which celeb's decades-old wardrobe you'd rather see? We know for a fact that Ellen had some real fashion fails during her TV comedy debut, but could the Colombia beauty's back log of looks be even more ridiculous? We're more curious about that possibility, but what's your take?

Now please excuse us while we go call their publicists to beg for a set of shots...

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Whose '80s style are you dying to see?
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