Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber

Larry Busacca, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So let's get this straight. Bruno Mars is prepping to perform in front of the biggest crowd of his career, for a performance that some people are calling a little premature, and he accidentally wears the exact same look Justin Bieber wore four years ago?! At least Peyton Manning isn't the only guy feeling like he s--t the bed this morning...

We're going to venture to guess that the "Treasure" singer considers himself in a class above the "Boyfriend" bad boy, but this blingy gold blazer suggests otherwise, in the fashion department at least.

We're not sure who the Biebs is wearing, but his wide-lapeled look is a bit more fitted than Bruno's Saint Laurent choice. There's something a little Elvis-sexy about Justin's longer, tighter approach, but the gold coloring on his coat has a tacky sheen. The "Show Me" singer is rocking a classier shade in a more West Side Story cut. 

And yet, we're not sure we can call Bruno the victor given he copied the competition! We might call this one a draw, especially since we're all bet out from yesterday's blowout. What's your take?

A Fashion Police Feb 3 Poll
Who wore his gold blazer better?
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