Sarah Hyland

Raymond Hall/GC Images

We're starting to wonder if Sarah Hyland is hiding something... Over the past week the TV teenager has shown up wearing a chic black-and-white mini, sexy color-blocked jumpsuit and now this hot, lady-like combo.

It's like she's really a highly skilled Russian spy who's just been posing as a ditzy ABC actress for the past five years! Why else would she trade in the mini skirts and skinny jeans for this incredibly chic Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël printed scuba dress, wrapped in a Carmen Sandiego-style scarf...

To prove our point even more, that Tory Burch coat is the exact style one Michelle Obama recently sported. FLOTUS fashion is not something one achieves overnight!

So what's the Vampire Academy star's real deal? Bigger budget thanks to her new movie career? Stealing looks from co-star Sofia Vergara's costume closet? Or did she just finally hire a legitimate stylist?

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