Taylor Momsen

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Well this explains what Taylor Momsen has been up to for the past few years or so. The art of impersonation takes careful practice, and when your goal is, apparently, to mimic the world famous man of metal, it's best to take your time.

We're pretty sure we've seen Ozzy Osbourne in this exact outfit once or twice. The all-black palette, oversized jacket and chunky boots reminds us of concert footage from The Osbournes...hmm...or that scary goth girl from our high school class.

We're not sure why The Pretty Reckless front woman is going for such a vintage Lord of Darkness vibe. Granted, she's been rocking scary raccoon eyes since her Gossip Girl days, but this feels like things are progressing to a whole new level. And by "new" we mean wildly similar to the style of a 65-year-old British man who is rumored to have eaten a bat on stage.

Though, if we're going by sunglasses alone, this look is far more Yoko Ono than Ozzy, which would be a much more peaceful way to go...

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