Vanessa Hudgens

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

A frightening epidemic seems to be sweeping through Hollywood—young starlets are being brainwashed into wearing unnaturally long, wig-like extensions.

From Kaley Cuoco at the SAG Awards to Vanessa Hudgens at SiriusXM studios, we've seen an outbreak of scraggly strands and what looks to be mermaid wigs.   

It has to be brainwashing, right? We would like to think these ladies are smart enough to be able to tell the difference between what looks like natural hair and what appears to be Bad Halloween. 

We figure Vanessa must have been so traumatized by the short hair she sported in her new movie Gimme Shelter that she overcompensated with those "snakes on a head" extensions.

Thankfully, Vanessa didn't overcompensate with her makeup. She kept it subtle with just a light wash of eye shadow, a thin line of black eyeliner and peachy cheeks and lips.

Beauty Bailout: We wish Vanessa had taken a cue from stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron who embraced their role-driven shorn locks.  She could have easily cleaned up the cut and made it look cute.

We figure that enough time has gone by that Vanessa's hair must have grown out at least to her shoulders. It's time to ditch the awful extensions and embrace her naturally beautiful hair. 

Get Her Makeup Look: Once we were able to look away from those phony tendrils, we admired Vanessa's minimal and flattering makeup. To copy the look, start by prepping the face with a primer like Boots No7 PhotoFix Wrinkle Filler & Primer to fill in any fine lines and pores and ensure your makeup lasts all day.

Follow with a light to medium coverage bb cream or foundation. After camouflaging any under eye darkness and/or redness with concealer, use a medium blush brush to apply a peach powder blush like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blissful to the apples of your cheeks.

To copy Vanessa's eye makeup, start by prepping your eye area with primer or concealer. Next, cover your entire upper eye area with an ivory matte eye shadow.  Then, with a loose eye brush, apply a wash of a shimmery steal grey eye shadow like Urban Decay Eye Shadow in S&M to your eyelids.

Next, using a small eye brush, apply a shimmery pearl eye shadow like MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Powder in White Mauve 3 to the inner corners of your eyes, blending outwards onto your lids.

Follow with drawing a thin black line along your upper lash line with a black kohl eyeliner pencil. Then, apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara. To complete this look, apply a peachy nude lip gloss like Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Rambutan.

We really hope that these extensions are just a phase for Hudgens. It would be such a shame for her to ruin her naturally beautiful hair. Oh, that's right! All you ladies currently twirling your hair extensions around your fingers and cursing the Beauty Police, you should know that those faux tresses are damaging the hell out of your natural hair. So unless you intend to go full-on Miley Cyrus, it's time to return to your roots. Literally.

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