Salma Hayek


We're all about women redefining classic menswear, but Salma Hayek in an actual man's suit does not count, especially since this one looks like it's straight off the Men's Warehouse racks. (Sorry Saint Laurent)

The Muppets Most Wanted actress may have been going for business person chic.

But thanks to the ill-fitting pants, extra-long jacket and skinny tie, she just looks like a Wolf of Wall Street extra.

The question is, why would a woman with one of the world's most famously "womanly" bodies cover up in a boring navy suit?

Here's our list of conspiracy theories:

1. She lost a bet with her husband that required wearing his least favorite trouser and jacket set?

2. She's headed to a Justin Timberlake show with wearable proof that she be on her suit and tie.

3. She's in Paris, so all fashion bets are off.

Knowing what kind of crazy can come out of the French couture shows, we have a feeling the answer is option #3. Here's hoping this style stays on the runways and out of the stores.

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