Lindsay Lohan

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Looking at Lindsay Lohan in this hot, casual combo is making us want to pull out the Mean Girls DVD.

 Not that we need to re-watch it to remember every single detail including Cady Heron's classic fashions (The ones that came after that miserable pink polo shirt, of course).

We wouldn't go so far as to call this look "fetch," but it's certainly a step up from the typical all-black mini dresses the tabloid queen has been wearing.

Apparently, sobriety is good for her mind, body and style.

The future star and producer of Inconceivable smartly chose winter white to complement her peaches and cream skin and make her red locks pop.

The slim-fit sweater sits perfectly against those indigo skinny jeans, which we're pleased to say steer just shy of jeggings territory.

Black ankle booties also help complete the look and fit in perfectly with the Park City feel.

So is LiLo back for good or should we take things one day at a time?

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