Keira Knightley

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Well this is certainly a creative way to let the Downton Abbey producers know you'd like a part next season.

We can't think of another reason as to why Keira Knightleywould step out looking like O'Brien's prettier little sister.

Maybe she's gunning for a cameo to play Thomas's next evil side kick? Ooh or maybe Anna and Bates will soon be expecting meaning Lady Mary will require a replacement?!

The possibilities are endless (a baby-sitter servant for Lady Rose??) but in this drab navy frock, the only place the Pirates of the Caribbean star is dressed for is Mrs. Patmore's kitchen.

What we can't understand is why the actress went with such sexy hair and make-up with such a simple dress. Her expert raccoon eyes belong with a sexy, sleek mini while that romantic rumpled hair is better for a pastel floral ball gown.

Maybe she's trying to offer Downton's downstairs ladies some subliminal beauty tips? Maybe her actual dress got left at the launders leaving nothing but her maid's uniform for the red carpet.

With that, we're obviously throwing this on the, "make it stop!" pile. Agree or disagree?

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