Tyra Banks, Sports Illustrated Party

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Okay. Stay with us on this Tyra Banks situation because things are about to get weird.

Imagine a futuristic sci-fi thriller in which super tall supermodels from outer space land on earth, raid a Victoria's Secret (because they're hip on how to takeover Earth, male-wise at least) and then invade a Sports Illustrated party. It would be the world's most perfect cover, right? Well, if the fashion host's overall look is any indication, that B-movie plot may be a reality.

Is it us or does she look totally crazy! Those creepy, contacts in her eyes? That massive Barbarella hair? And the world's most obvious black lingerie dress. It's exactly how a group of E.T.'s would fashion a world famous model.

We're not saying Tyra hasn't had some strange red carpet moments in the past, we're just fully prepared to say "told ya' so" if it's reported that certain men are making very strange business decisions after attending that party last night...

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