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For most sisters, the sibling rivalry ends after you're out of the house. Unfortunately, Zooey Deschanel and big sis Emily Deschanel have taken the couture competition from the high school hallways to the Hollywood red carpets.

It doesn't help that one doe-eyed TV star is as style-centric as the other. And to make matters more difficult to judge, they both have a distinctly vintage vibe. But as much as we hate to fuel any of their shrink session subject matter, we are forced to decide who looks best in her FOX TCA event dress. 

As usual, the New Girl is in her old shape. We were tired of her synched waist and full-skirt obsession years ago, but this is getting ridiculous. At least she's finally ditched the black tights, but we'd prefer if she'd tossed the black pumps with them. Emily is looking a bit bolder than her typically conservative self in this black-and-red check, but it still looks like something our Connecticut-bred aunt would wear to lunch at the club.

So do we go for boring-but-safe or bold-but-old? Zooey just had her Golden Globes moment, so we'll give this one to Emily. And apologies to their mom for any whiny phone calls that follow as a result...

What's your take?

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Which Deschanel sister is rocking the better red carpet dress?
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