Margot Robbie

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Margot Robbie should probably steer clear of Spain in this toreador cape couture.

She may have had no trouble conquering the Wolf of Wall Street, but the bull of anywhere will be a very different story.

We want to applaud the blond beauty for stepping out at the film's UK premiere in such a bold Oscar de la Renta design, but between the bull fighting feel and vintage cut, it feels more like an opera costume than an actual red carpet dress.

Our issue may lie in the long-sleeves and high neck. This Aussie actress has a hot top-half that's hidden in the conservative cut. It's far more Victorian than the vixen she plays on screen.

That said, the voluminous skirt is really gorgeous, especially with the crimson color-blocking detail. Plus there's a reason that red is the color that gets a bull's blood boiling. 

We're going give this a "gotta have it!" in the end. Agree or disagree?

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What's your say on Margot's scarlet style?
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