Sofia Vergara


If, "business in the front, party in the back," is the slang phrase for a mullet, what does, "yoga on the bottom with a black tie top," refer to? We doubt Sofia Vergara has a valid explanation...

The ABC star looks like she went straight from a meeting with her agents to a cross-country flight. Or was it straight from pilates to an in-flight business meeting? We appreciate the idea of dressing up for the airport, considering the pj's most celebs wear, but why not complete the look?

Maybe the Machette Kills actress feels more formal now that she flies first class? An airline blanket can cover her legs, but the suit jacket keeps her looking classy on top. Or could she be employing one of the top five rules of proper packingalways wear the thickest item on your body? In that case, we commend her clever travel habits.

But if our theories are wrong and the Modern Family star actually considers this a complete outfit, we're totally wearing our sweat pants under that bridesmaids dress we're afraid to crumple in our carry-on, next time we fly.

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