LeAnn Rimes


We have so many questions about this photo of LeAnn Rimes that we don't know where to begin...

How about, why is she wearing a gown in the shower? And then, as a follow-up, why did she have someone take a photo of her wearing this gown in the shower? And finally, why a gown that she recently wore to the American Country Awards? Is she showcasing how she hand washes, or rather body washes clothes? Did she think the reflective tile offered excellent lighting? Is she just totally drunk??

We're hoping the answer is "none of the above" and that this weird pic is just some kind of dare. Our research indicates that it was taken moments before the "Borrowed" singer went on stage to give her incredible tribute to Patsy Cline, so maybe that means the green room for the ACAs is in a bathroom? We have no idea, but we do know the all-lace look is stunning and contributed to a powerful moment for this powerful artist.

So we're hoping LeAnn didn't turn on the faucet and ruin this piece, and we're also hoping "celeb shower pics" don't become a thing...

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