Every December 26th is the same. You wake up regretting the two dozen Christmas cookies, gallons of eggnog and roast beast scarfed down on the happiest (but unhealthiest) day of the year and vow to spend the next 48 hours in the biggest sweat suit you can find. Instead of slipping into an insta-style slump, check out these celeb-approved options for cozy at-home looks:

Lea Michele

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Lea Michele brings the turtleneck back to life with this chunky black option. The neck is high enough to keep the Cannonball singer nice and warm, but the fit isn't so massive that she looks lost in all the folds. We also love the black-on-black combo, aka the most slimming option available.

Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough proves leather bottoms don't need to be uncomfortable and tight. Her trouser-style pants have a sexy fit but still look like you could enjoy them with a cup of tea by the fire. Plus, in case company comes over for some Christmas leftovers, the collared shirt and sweater are perfectly put-together.

Miley Cyrus

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Miley Cyrus looks shockingly adorable in this not-so-ugly Christmas sweater. We're sure there's a skimpy body suit underneath, but the Wrecking Ball singer could still get away with eating leftovers in her slippers with this long-sleeved top covering most of her body. We recommend pants if you plan to copy the look, or at the very least, shorts.

Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba

Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba offer two options in one shot! The mom-to-be is hiding her baby bump in all black with a roomy, red plaid jacket on top. It's an ideal look to rock while seeing a movie with the rest of the holiday crowd. But The Honest Company founder is in our favorite look of allthe biggest, softest looking grey sweater ever, and with skinny jeans that look soft enough to be sweat pants.

Happy relaxing! And don't worry about sneaking in more than a few leftovers. Diet starts January 1st!

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