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We obviously worship the ground Beyoncé walks on, just like the rest of the world, but that doesn't mean she's immune from our fashion critiques. Even Queen B, wife of the great Jay-Z and mother to perfect baby Blue Ivy, can make a wardrobe misstep, and we're afraid this Tom Ford look may be her greatest mistake to date.

Should we call this a body suit minus the thighs? Or maybe a LBD and BBB (big, black boot) combo? It's obviously much more than a simple dress...which might be where the problems begin.

There's no doubt that the painted-on fabric looks killer on the Mrs. Shawn Carter Tour topper's killer figure, but the black, mirrored appliqués kind of make her look like a character from The Avengers (which, BTW, Hollywood should totally make happen). We don't think we'd mind that wild style so much if not for the matching boots. A black leather pair or sky high pumps would be just as dramatic and not nearly as scary.

So, devastated as we are to turn on her after she gave us the world's greatest Christmas gift, we have to say, "make it stop" to Beyoncé's album release look. And now we will promptly buy two more copies of that album to try and make it up to her.

What's your take on the style?

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What's your say on Be's wild style?
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