Kelly Rowland

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Some skirt slits are high enough to reveal a whole lotta' leg, and some skirt slits are so high they make us wonder if the designer ran out of fabric.

Kelly Rowland's Balmain gown looks like the latter. A general rule of fashion thumb: when your bottom is open all the way up to your middle, it's no longer a design detail, it's a wardrobe malfunction!

Sadly that's only the beginning of the issues with this sparkly black number. What's left of the skirt is way too long. See how it bunches up under the "Grown Woman" singer's sandal? And that bedazzled leather bodice isn't saving things. It looks like something you'd grab for $15 at Forever 21.

Sorry Kelly, but this is a borderline Hot Mess! look as far as we're concerned. Instead we'll just say, "make it stop," and hope to god Mariah Carey hears us loud and clear. This is just her kind of dress...

What's your take?

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