Lea Michele

Ray Mickshaw/FOX via Getty Images

Were you wondering how to rock your tight leather leggings and still look casual and cool? Well thanks to Lea Michele, now you know.

It's refreshing to see the Glee star in relaxed, street style and hopefully we can expect more of these rocker chic combos now that she's a pop rock solo artist. They're a welcome change from the god-awful sweater sets her TV alterego Rachel wears and big drama ballgowns her awards show alter ago chooses. 

We credit three things with making this ensemble so effective.

1. Those hot pants. Leather leggings can be too booty-hugging no matter a celeb's size, but these tailored pants are more legit and better fit.

2. That sheer shirt. We're eternally in search of the perfect white T and impressed that Lea seems to have found it! The black bra peeping through definitely ups the sex-factor.

3. A perfectly slouchy jacket...that isn't leather. We spy some of that fabric in the detailing, but this matte black outwear smartly keeps the look away from Hells Angels uniform territory.

We happen to know that Lea is a Jersey girl at heart, and in this look she's finally giving the style of New York's sister state a very good name.

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