Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga

Trae Patton/NBC

We can barely believe Christina Aguilera was willing to take the stage with Lady Gaga, her pop icon competition. But we're more shocked that she stepped out in this matchy-matchy costume. They look like twin sisters whose mom dressed them up in the world's weirdest Christmas card dresses!

We expect this kind of futuristic fashion choice from the "Dope" singer, but The Voice judge typically wears her shine in the form of sequins (and eye glitter), not gold lamé fabric. Did Mother Monster's team get to make the wardrobe decisions here? If so, they should have put their own celeb in the better dress...

We're not saying we approve of either of these looks. They're a combo between tacky and scary, with only the slightest bit of sexy in the mix (mostly from the "Say Something" singers boobs). But Xtina is definitely rocking the more normal of the two designs. Outside of that crazy material, it's a simple, low-cut ballgown with a giant slit up the front; far more boring than any mini dress or black suspender situation we've seen her in all season. Naturally, the "Applause" artist wanted to "out weird" her in what looks like something the villain Jafar from Disney's Aladdin would wear. We could also see the robe-like pants suit working for a Star Trek movie, which is also not a compliment.

The original diva easily takes it against the newcomer in our book. Agree or disagree?

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