Kim Basinger

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Is Kim Basinger aware that her latest movie is about a pair of washed-up boxers in 2013, not a couple of wise-guy mobsters in 1923? According to her outfit, the answer is no.

We realize she's working with two famous old guys (please don't hurt us Stalone and De Niro), but that's not an invitation to dress like them...or rather, their grandpas. We've read that fans are calling this look, bold, classic and chic, so let us be the first to talk some truth: the L.A. Confidential actress looks completely ridiculous!

We can't even excuse this ensemble as Annie Hall-inspired. Between the pinstripe suit, fitted vest, slicked back hair and pocket watch, it's like the Grudge Match star is attempting some kind of Dick Tracy chic.

We love menswear on women. We love a fitted suit on anyone. We even love taking fashion risks on the red carpet, but we cannot get behind wearing a bonafide Halloween costume with zero relevance! We just hope the mob boss Kim obviously works for can forgive us.

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