Heidi Klum

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

We're seriously wondering if Heidi Klum is the new spokesperson for the color red. We cannot think of a single other reason the America's Got Talent judge would step out in so many shades of the exact same color! There's matchy-matchy, and then there's this...which we guess we'd call matchy-miss-matchy?

We get the idea of color-blocking, but that requires wearing different colors. Scarlet red, lipstick red and pink-ish red do not count as different!

We only wish contrasting color was the biggest problem with this look... The loose blouse is oddly tucked, the skirt is pulling across the front and those boots look like they're part of a "sexy devil" Halloween costume. And we don't even know what to say about that Colonel Sanders neck tie.

We still love you, Heidi, but this mess is hotter than the hottest we've seen in a very long time.

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