Dakota Fanning

Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Chanel

We just don't understand why Dakota Fanning can't embrace her age. She's only 19, yet her hair and makeup tell a different storya much older, unflattering "pub waitress" story. 

This Fräulein hair could have worked had Dakota made some much-needed edits…  Instead of the harsh middle part, she should have let loose some wispy bangs to make this look more bohemian. Also, the twists need to come forward morethey are sitting way too far back on her head, giving this ‘do a matronly vibe.

The thick cat eye makeup totally clashes with her hairshe can't mix retro sex kitten with Ms. Oktoberfest and expect a good result. And, it looks like the makeup artist kept messing up the eyeliner so she just made it thicker instead of starting over. We will say Dakota's skin was perfectionporcelain and poreless.  Too bad the too thick eyeliner took away from her skin's ethereal glow.

Beauty Bailout: We've already told you how to fix the "I just got done with a double shift at the Oktoberfest pub" hair, so let's fix the makeup. We would have given Dakota a more youthful look, ensuring her flawless skin shined and her green eyes sparkled.

Even if her eyeliner wasn't so heavy handed, the black is way too harsh for Ms. Fanning's alabaster skin and green eyes. We would have started her eye makeup by prepping her upper eye area with concealer or an eye shadow primer. Then, we would have covered the entire area with a neutral or cream-colored eye shadow.

Since purple would really bring out the green in Dakota's eyes, we would use the NARS Duo Eyeshadow Palette in Jolie Poupee. We would start by applying the matte lavender eye shadow on her eyelids.  Then, we would dip a small eye contouring brush in the violet shimmer and apply it to her creases in a back-and-forth windshield wiper motion. Next, we would blend and soften the eye shadow using a blending brush in small circles.

Since the purple eye shadow is pretty bold, we would keep her eyeliner soft by using a long-lasting waterproof matte brown eyeliner pencil like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Whiskey. We would apply a thin line along her upper lash line and smudge to soften.  We would complete the eye makeup with 2-3 coats of a volume-building, defining mascara.

To warm up her face, we would apply a subtle peachy blush like NYX Powder Blush in Peach to the apples of her cheeks. We're pretty sure Dakota's skin glows like that on it's own (it's called good genes and sunscreen habits), but to fake it at home, use a highlighter like Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up! on the tops of your cheekbones.

To complete this look, we would apply a pinky nude lipstick like Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Lip Gel in 102 Strange Magic. This color would complement Dakota's complexion without clashing with the purple eye makeup.

Dakota is such a pretty girl, and it's just a shame that her hair and makeup tend to clash like the titans with her age and each other.  We're hoping that Santa is reading this and will give Dakota some bright, youthful makeup under the tree this Christmas and perhaps a business card for a new hairstylist in her stocking.

If you're a beauty addict, Janna will be your enabler. Just an occasional user? She'll be your bad influence. Visit her blog at mybeautybinge.com and indulge!

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