Sarah Jessica Parker, Annasophia Robb

Dave Allocca/

We thought this moment would never come! For the first time ever Sarah Jessica Parker met the teenaged version of her famous Sex & the City self, Annasophia Robb. We're curious why it's taken the elder actress so long to come face-to-face with her Carrie Diaries counterpart...

Could the competing fashion angle (aka this very article) be to blame? We certainly hope not, but that's not going to stop us from playing the obvious game of which Carrie Bradshaw looks best! They may both have blonde hair, perfect figures and double names, but there are some serious differences between these two dress-lovers.

On the left, we have Carrie, the original, in typical New York City black attire. Her velvety skirt is perfect for the season, but we're not so sure about the bruise-colored combo created by that navy tux jacket. It's a bit more drab than we prefer our first favorite Carrie to wear.

That doesn't mean a skintight, leopard cropped-top combo is the answer. The real Carrie would never wear something so matchy-matchy, especially in a wild animal print. We suspect she'd pair this cropped top with a pink, flouncy bottom and some Manolo with a feather on the front.

Yes, this means SJP maintains her rightful place in fashion history, for the moment at least. Agree?

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Which Carrie looks best?
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