Alicia Keys

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

We're rarely flabbergasted when it comes to celebrity fashion—this is the age of Lady Gaga, afterall—but Alicia Keys has rendered us speechless. What in the world is she wearing?!

Apparently the "Girl on Fire" singer is in Sydney, so is she honoring the blue of Sydney Harbour? Or maybe dressing like a famous Aussie icon? Our only other guess is that a designer from "down under" crafted this suit just for the native New Yorker and she was too polite to say, "No way!"

Bottom line, this is an Austin Powers suit in a very Smurf-like shade. All that's missing is a ruffle-front button down and a pair of '70s-style glasses, and Alicia could step right into a movie still. We get the attempt to make this style more feminine with the massive, plunging neckline, but the whole thing is way too much of a fail to be saved by one single element.

We love you Alicia, but this may be the biggest mess we've seen in a very long time...

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