Alicia Keys, Gwyneth Paltrow

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We're not incredibly surprised that Alicia Keys chose this sexy racer-back frock in beaming yellow. It's gorgeous against her skin and a perfect shape for her fit frame. We are surprised that she picked it over a year after Gwyneth Paltrow!

Not only is there no statute of limitations on a style steal, but the longer you wait, the more embarrassing the move. The Iron Man star made this Stella McCartney design so 2012, and we're on the brink of 2014!

As much as we love a pop of color, there's something way too summer sunshine about the Grammy Award-winning singer's choice. It this were an August event we might feel differently, but there's no such thing as winter yellow, as far as we're concerned. The Goop founder's all-black version is much sleeker, and something about the fit makes it easier to see those sexy side cutouts.

This one is an easy win for Gwyneth, and not just because she out-dressed Alicia over a year ago. What's your take?

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