Jennifer Garner


We wish Jennifer Garner was bringing one of these coffees to us, and not just because we could use a little energy. We're dying to grill her on where she bought every item on her body!

This mom of three rarely looks dull when zipping around LA running errands for her friends or her fam, but this look is particularly trendy. Mrs. Ben Affleck is prepped for anything from lunch with a fellow actress to a cozy afternoon by the fire, aka the perfect transitional winter wear.

From our standpoint, this style works for three reasons:

1. That perfect red flannel shirt. A must for any cold weather wardrobe. Jen's is fitted enough to be appropriate for off-the-couch activities.

2. Skinny faded jeans. There's nothing wild about this denim, which is why it works. These are the kind of pants that last decades and never go out of style.

3. Flat lace-up oxfords. No doubt the trendiest piece of the combo and comfy enough to run around all day, with a dozen coffees in tow.

Share your favorite part of Jen's coffee run look in comments!

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