Kate Bosworth

JB Lacroix/WireImage

Is Kate Bosworth's stylist trying to say something about the state of her mental health?

The Movie 43 star's hands may not be tied around her body, but this mini frock has a definite asylum-wear feel. Not only do those big buckles on this Alexander McQueen design look like crazy-person couture, but the khaki coloring seems like it's intended to keep the "patient" calm.

Obviously something this short would never fly in the loony bin, but the style is a bit too sterile for our tastes. Also, we're fans of the winter white trend, but the newly-married actress is really pushing the limits with such a light fabric. Kate would be better off wearing this to a safari-themed summer party.

For that reason and the straitjacket feel, this lands squarely on the, "make it stop," list. We just hope that decision doesn't drive Kate or designer Alexander McQueen legitimately crazy... What's your take?

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What's your say on Kate's straight-jacket style?
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