Jennifer Lawrence

AP Photo/Abraham Caro Marin

Before we begin, we'd like to be clear that we love Jennifer Lawrence with all our hearts, think she's an incredible role-model and are dying to be her best friend.

That said, what is going on with this god-awful gown?! We realize we're dissing both the America Hustle star and famed designers at Dior when we say this, but it looks like J.Law's legs are hiding behind a weirdly cut mosquito net!

There's nothing technically wrong with the rest of this navy dress, but there isn't anything particularly special about it either. A belt, necklace or embellishment of any kind would up the ante, or at least draw our eye away from that bizarre bottom. We might even like the design more if that front hem wasn't so jagged.

Sad as we are to say this, "Katniss" is lucky that her There's Something About Mary hair is getting all the attention this time around. Agree or disagree?

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